Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Booties for boys

The baby shower is tomorrow and I finished both pairs up on Sunday. The pictures aren't that great, but I think they are pretty cute. Hopefully no one else will realize they aren't perfect.

I finally finshed!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Things always seem to unravel....

I've got a few friends and co-workers that are expecting precious babies soon and I realized that if I plan to give gifts from the heart...I need to start NOW! As I mentioned in my first post, timeliness is NOT my strong suit when it comes to knitting. Not, that I'm slow...I just encounter, let's say 'complications'. I've been trying to find a pattern (easy-ish) for baby booties and it's been harder than I guessed. There is one that I like but the pattern was written by someone who just imagined how they wanted the booties to look. LOVELY. I really shouldn't talk. Last year, I made a great hat to go with my ski coat and just pulled the pattern from thin air. But at least I don't publish the thing and expect people to reproduce! Regardless, I started on pattern #1 and ended up having to rip it all out because I didn't understand the silly pattern and I didn't like it all that much anyhow (or so I told myself). Pattern #2 (the cute one)-started smoothly, transitioned into more difficult steps I hadn't done before, but managed to squeak by with a few 'tricks'...for a little while at least. *SIGH* Oh well! It's always worth it in the end! Back to square 1....